At Odell Simms, Inc. we are relationship builders. For 40 years, we have strategically positioned our clients to potential donors, investors, and partners to strengthen our clients’ opportunities for success.

From securing major donors to support a nonprofit’s capital campaign, to increasing an association’s membership through a broad-based direct marketing program, to attracting corporations to expand into a new, untapped market—our firm forges partnerships that deliver results.

The key to Odell Simms, Inc.’s track record of success is our ability to create mutually beneficial opportunities on behalf of our clients. Our firm’s unparalleled knowledge of and access to a broad network of decision makers—c-suite executives, high net-worth individuals, and other leaders in the public and private sectors—provides us with unique insight into how the needs of our clients and interests of investors intersect. We uncover benefits that clients and potential partners wouldn’t normally see, and design new opportunities that add value to our clients’ propositions and drive measurable results in the market.



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Odell Simms, Inc.

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